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About is a platform that brings recruiters and candidates together, human resource personnel can easily list their job opening for free and can recruit as many people they wish to. will soon be available globally. Target Market
There are millions of companies in the world, wants to allow any firm globally to use as their recruiting platform, it will help job seekers around the globe to find relevant job opportunities, thus allowing them to freely apply on the latest job openings, locally and internationally.

A Reliable Solution for Human Resource Personnel
Human Resource Personnel from just any industry will be able to list their jobs hassle-free and freely.

Why to Choose
Human Resource is one of the most crucial for any firm, many companies develop and utilize very expansive services for accomodating their human resource requirements.

Many growing firms are willing to pay thousands of dollars for developing their human resource platforms, but by using, companies can easily broadcast and list their job openings for free, thus will save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on using expansive recruitment services. Technology. will be available on all major app stores and Worldwide Web.

About Investment wants to improve and scale its service in 100+ countries and wants to be the leader in the Human Capital Industry. is seeking investment from reputed VC Firms.

This investment mainly includes Seed money, Product development, and Early Stage VC.

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Name: Syed Mohammad Ahmed



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