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Your Startup Business Pitch Matters and it is very important to know about the essentials of pitching business, A well-planned business needs a well-planned pitch deck and that is why it is important to learn about creating your business pitch.

Investors are always keen to read an interesting business pitch that is why you need to make your pitch very appealing and must include all the right ingredients, a pitch must be capable of captivating the mind of the investor if you want to succeed in the world of investments.

Raising capital is a most important challenge for any business and that is why you need to have the perfect platform to help you in your fundraising campaigns and for that reason, is the best platform to do the job.

Many online Platforms ask for a huge amount of money which makes no sense to the average entrepreneur as the business owners have a very limited fund to run their startup and each dollar counts.

Investors are always keen to invest in businesses that can return good profits on their invested amount, that is why one needs to showcase their business pitch deck as the most appealing investment opportunity.

There are around millions of businesses that are just starting each month and every one of them is seeking capital to support their business endeavors, an average investor goes through 100s to thousands of pitch decks per year and are likely to invest in the most promising startups.

Attracting successful investors takes a lot of patience that is why you may need a platform which can give you the flexibility of publishing a pitch deck easily for a long time, and that is why is the best platform in the market as it cost nothing but has everything an average entrepreneur and startup needs to get going.

There are few things to keep in mind and one of them is keeping your startup pitch simple and clean and that is what you can achieve at and with their pitching tools, it is very easy for an average entrepreneur to publish business pitches hassle-free in a few clicks of a button.

Managing a startup has never been an easy task that is why you need a true companion to help you win the rat race of the business world. A well-established business depends on funds that never come easy, some tend to bootstrap other Blitzscale but one thing is for sure that a startup sooner or later might need extra funds to continue their business operations.

The best businesses can tell their startup story better than anyone else in the competition, that is why they need a platform to tell their story in a compelling way, and can help entrepreneurs describe their Businesses in a most compelling way which will help them win big time.

Entrepreneurs need to stay focused on managing their business and may not get enough time to concentrate on fundraising that is why a reliable platform like can be a very handy tool for managing a startup pitch.

Sharing your business pitch is not an easy task and may require building a lot of emails list but with your business pitch becomes live very soon and you can share your pitch deck with anyone on or off the internet or social media.

A Startup pitch needs to be a complete work and accurate and to the point and that is why startups may need a platform to perfectly publish a complete business story, and at you can publish your full story for free.

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars for publishing your startup pitch because at anyone can publish their business pitch for free anytime from anywhere in the world.

A Business enthusiast is always passionate about their startup and is willing to spread the word to the world and for that is the best place as visitors can keep their visitors notified about any startup taking place Worldwide.

Startups do need the help of master pitch craftsmanship and definitely may need the help of a professional consultant to help them make their business pitch published, but now you can do it yourself, just register at and get started, you can make your pitch go live very soon easily. gives its pitch publishers the ability to share their pitches to recognized social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or any other with simple sharing buttons. Just submit your business pitch and start sharing it with the world easily.

You can publish business pitch professionally with easy publishing tools available at, it provides a great user interface with awesome readability and anyone can use easily without any trouble.

Entrepreneurs can present their unique business pitches easily in few clicks with easy typings, no need to have a Ph.D. degree for presenting business pitches, you just need a startup, and that’s all.

Craft and Tell your startup story and easily explain to the investors about what solution you have for a bigger problem in this world, tell about your market size, demonstrate your business model, tell what makes you better than the competition, just be different, better and confident, showcase business portfolio and represent your business team, talk about your goals and achievement, revenues, financial metrics, and long-term vision, the stage is yours to execute and run, publish edit and delete your business pitches anytime at absolutely free.

Its not only your business demo but a complete pitch for showcasing to the world’s top investors, it makes you and your business look unique, set your business pitch, and let it trend in front of the investors.

Tell about your quarterly, monthly and annual sales, give the prospect to the investor for getting the best fund in terms of any fundraise series or just for the early seed money, make sure to add your sales forecasts and Returns on your previous investments, show-out your early progress to draw a better picture to interested investors.

Creating a winning startup was never an easy task until opened doors for potential entrepreneurs to help them succeed in the business world. It is said that the only risk is the step not taken, be willing to be the go-getter in this world of venture capital, you saw you conquered, you shall win it all if you are willing to try and give your very best.

Showcase your product and services and tell what human needs does your product and services solve, always remember that even the smallest ideas can be worth millions, do you know that a needle manufacturing is a billion-dollar business that is why even the tiny product can bring the revolutionary change, a right attitude can make a big difference.

No matter where you live or what country origin does your target customers and audience are you can easily tell a compelling story to your pitch readers and update them about your progression easily at

Have a great business model? if so then be determined to explore the world of investment opportunities at

About is an open pitch news platform and directory where anyone can submit and post their business pitch for free, it is a pitching tool for entrepreneurs, just publish your business pitch to make it public and then share it with potential investors easily. is created for all those entrepreneurs who cannot find a place to publicize their business pitch and do not have enough resources to advertise their business to potential media for attracting potential investors.

Nowadays entrepreneurs have to pay big fees to advertise about their business but not everyone can afford that and the entrepreneurs give up their spirit trying on reaching out to thousands of news media but they never come cheap or rarely respond to each business query.

There is no platform for early startups to pitch business for free, that’s why ReadPitch is created for the entrepreneurs to help them deliver their message to the world. is a platform to close the gap and lets entrepreneurs post and submit their business pitches for free of charge.

A business newly started in a backyard or a small office may not get the same attention from news media as a well-established organization that’s why ReadPitch is the place to help people present their wonderful pitches on to make it viewed by any interested audience. makes entrepreneurs lucky by making their pitches go public so that any potential investor may get attracted to join the great business project.

What’s so special about ReadPitch is that it’s free for all worldwide.