About ReadPitch.com

ReadPitch.com is an open pitch news platform and directory where anyone can submit and post their business pitch for free, it is a pitching tool for entrepreneurs, just publish your business pitch to make it public and then share it with potential investors easily.

ReadPitch.com is created for all those entrepreneurs who cannot find a place to publicize their business pitch and do not have enough resources to advertise their business to potential media for attracting potential investors.

Nowadays entrepreneurs have to pay big fees to advertise about their business but not everyone can afford that and the entrepreneurs give up their spirit trying on reaching out to thousands of news media but they never come cheap or rarely respond to each business query.

There is no platform for early startups to pitch business for free, that’s why ReadPitch is created for the entrepreneurs to help them deliver their message to the world.

ReadPitch.com is a platform to close the gap and lets entrepreneurs post and submit their business pitches for free of charge.

A business newly started in a backyard or a small office may not get the same attention from news media as a well-established organization that’s why ReadPitch is the place to help people present their wonderful pitches on ReadPitch.com to make it viewed by any interested audience.

ReadPitch.com makes entrepreneurs lucky by making their pitches go public so that any potential investor may get attracted to join the great business project.

What’s so special about ReadPitch is that it’s free for all worldwide.

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