is an online automotive trading platform for car dealers around the globe! is Open for Investment

About is a global car sale portal where anyone can trade their vehicle for free. Target Market

There are an estimated 1.4 billion+ vehicles on the road and each owner sells them multiple times in a lifetime, whether its a trade for cash, upgrade, or just a bargain. wants to be the best car marketplace for the car owners and car dealers worldwide.

Solution for the Customers

Dealers around the world can sell any car for free with free signup at

Why Choose to sell Cars 

We do not make any cuts or profit margins, which means as a car seller you keep all the profits and can sell or negotiate a fair price, so why to sell your cars to middlemen, who buys your cars at lowest price and sells to their network at higher, and keeps all the profit with them.

At you can sell or negotiate fair car prices and can enjoy fair car trades and car deals with ease and confidence. Technology

Global car sale portal for individuals and professional dealers. web and app enabled.

About Investment wants to improve and scale its service in 7+ countries and wants to be the leader in the automotive trade industry.

This investment mainly includes seed money, product development, and early stage VC.


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